Friday, January 19, 2007

Today's Cartoon: Allegations of Racism on Celebrity Big Brother

Some have described the troubling situation unfolding on "Celebrity Big Brother" involving the racial bullying of Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty as damaging to Britain's image of fairness and tolerance; however, the way I see it, this incident is less a reflection of the British people being "racist" as it is an indication of their poor judgment determining who they want to make famous.

While I haven't actually watched the program, or know who any of these d-list "celebrities" are (with the exception of Jermaine Jackson and "Face" from the A-Team) the idea that any of them could possibly reflect the beliefs and the values of the British people is laughable. "Celebrities" are an entirely different breed of people, which is why the producers of "Big Brother" had to give them their own show. Think of it as the Special Olympics of "reality" television. The only way that they can appear "real" is by being grouped with other stars and removed from the rest of society. Any unnecessary intermingling between famous and non-famous people would only serve to dispel the myth that celebrities are somehow more important and deserving of their status.

If anything the fact that thousands of Britons felt obligated to file a complaint with media watchdog Ofcom after watching the program says far more about the feelings and attitude of the British people than what any ex-beauty queen or failed celebrity could possibly say.

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