Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Today's Cartoon: Al Qaeda Mocks President Bush In New Video

You know, it must have felt really nice for President Bush to discover that at least someone in the Middle East approved of his decision to send more troops to Iraq... at least until he found out who that person was.

Well of course Ayman Al-Zawahiri would want President Bush to send his entire army to Iraq. I mean, if it weren't for that little misadventure, chances are the U.S. would have had already caught up to him and this whole "War on Terror" thing would have been wrapped up years ago. Therefore, the longer the United States remains bogged down in Baghdad, the longer Al Qaeda can roam free and continue to tease the Bush Administration on their video blog.

Still, it seems awfully courteous of Al Qaeda to release a message on the eve of America's State of the Union Address and provide President Bush with some context for his speech. You see, with Americans focused mainly on Iraq, people tend to lose track of Osama and the boys, which is why these video blog posts are so important for the terrorists to touch base with infidels; especially around elections and important speeches when Americans tend to reflect on the issues that matter most to them. Nothing says "booga-booga" louder than a video message aimed at convincing people that "Al Qaeda" still exists.

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