Monday, December 04, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Rumsfeld Memo Calls For Major Adjustments in Iraq

Hmm... I wonder if Rumsfeld wrote his not-so-classified memo to the White House knowing full well that he was about to resign, or if it was because of his call for "major adjustments" in Iraq that he actually got fired instead.

You know, it's no secret that the U.S. strategy in Iraq is not working, which why it's so ridiculous to me that Donald Rumsfeld had to write a "secret" memo, to state the obvious to those who should have already been the first to know!

Now, I'm not the type to kick someone when they're down (unless they're chewing on my ankles) but it seems to me that Rumsfeld may have become so delusional as Secretary of Defense that not only did he try to keep reality a "secret" from the American people, but now it appears he also tried to hide it from himself as well. I mean, how else can you explain someone who stubbornly denies what the world has been telling him for years, only to finally acknowledge it in a classified note to the few people who are just as "hopelessly optimistic" as he is?

Well, at least he didn't call Iraq a "civil war"... Because I'm pretty sure that at this point, even he knows that that's no "secret" any more.

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