Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Robert Gates Becomes New U.S. Defense Secretary

Hmm... When Robert Gates said that "failure in Iraq" would amount to a "calamity" which would haunt the United States for decades, do you suppose he was referring to their ill-fated search for Saddam’s WMD's? Because if you ask me, it was THAT failure in Iraq that directly led to the calamity, which is already going to haunt the United States for decades to come.

To be honest, I actually have to agree with Gates when he says that America "simply cannot afford to fail in the Middle East", which is why I can't understand his desire to remain in Iraq; when the justification for them being there ending up going out of style faster than eight-ball jackets at a Pearl Jam concert. Then again, perhaps he just figures that because all the other failures in Iraq preceded him as Secretary of Defense, he gets to start out with a clean slate as well.

Look, if the inevitable is being delayed over a simple matter of semantics, then instead of calling it "cut and running" the Bush Administration may want to refer to it as "cutting their losses" instead. I mean, if the White House is successfully able to remove itself from a no-win situation, then shouldn't that be considered a victory in itself? ...Well I'm pretty sure FOX News would think so ;)

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