Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Robert Gates Admits U.S. Not Winning Iraq War

So, by simply admitting that the United States was "not winning" the war in Iraq during his confirmation hearing, Robert Gates is applauded for his "candor" and "forthrightness" and automatically wins the approval of the Senate committee, to become the next U.S. Secretary of Defense.

Talk about being at the right place at the right time. I mean, if the sole criterion for becoming the head of America's Department of Defense is the uncanny ability to state the obvious when asked; then on that basis, practically any American would have been qualified for the position... Well, except for Donald Rumsfeld, of course ;)

But to me, the best part about the gig appears to be the fact that Gates doesn't actually need to have any new ideas (especially concerning Iraq), but merely the willingness to listen to those who do. In fact, it seems that all that is really being asked of him, is that he WANT the job, after Rumsfeld's disastrous tenure as Secretary of Defense made Flight 77 the SECOND worse thing to ever hit the Pentagon.

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