Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Miss USA Tara Conner Keeps Crown, Enters Rehab

Let this be a lesson to all you young girls out there, who view Miss America as a "role model"... Everyone make mistakes and deserves a second chance. And as long as you remain pretty and profitable, you'll be sure to get one... or many ;)

The way I see it, Donald Trump's decision not to "fire" Tara Conner as Miss America was no more an act of compassion as it was a golden opportunity for him to cash in on her notoriety, as a way to increase interest in his slumping beauty pageant.

I mean, up until a couple of days ago, most people didn't even know who Tara Conner was; but after hearing the juicy details of her "scandalous behavior", she has instantly become the most popular Miss America ever (even if it was for all the wrong reasons). After all, this is the same country that decided to make Paris Hilton a "star". So, in a way, Trump is actually punishing Miss America by keeping her on the job, instead of releasing her from her contract and allowing her to shift the media focus away from his beauty pageant and onto the pages of Playboy or Penthouse, where she would definitely be making a lot more money.

In other words, if there is anyone who is going to profit from Miss Conner's "exposure", it's certain to be Donald Trump.

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