Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Today's Cartoon: John Bolton Resigns, Hugo Chavez Re-elected

If George W. Bush was already reluctant to let go of his trusted, hand picked Ambassador to the United Nations, then I can only imagine how much more difficult that decision must have been, when on the very same day, anti-U.S. leader Hugo Chavez was re-elected for (at least) another six year term as President of Venezuela.

Now, while many have interpreted the results of the election as a huge victory for Chavez's socialist revolution, I tend to see it less as a "landslide", and more of a "skid mark" in the shorts of American Imperialism ;)

You see, while it may be embarrassing and uncomfortable for the Bush Administration to strut about, preaching the benefits of "free market capitalism" to the world, knowing that there's a "pooin' a brewin" down south; a "skid mark" can easily be forgotten, as long as President Bush doesn't draw any attention to it and is able keep the rest of the world distracted from the stink by creating a stench someplace else.

Of course, if all else fails he could always just blame it on one of his dogs... or Cheney ;)

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