Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Iraq Court Upholds Saddam Hussein Execution

The way I see it, executing Saddam Hussein will do absolutely nothing to quell Iraq's civil war or legitimize its U.S. backed courts in the eyes of Sunnis. If anything, it seems that it will only serve to accelerate the country's downward spiral in chaos... Especially if the government were to follow through with its original plan to conduct a public hanging (presumably in a soccer stadium).

Despite all the criticism surrounding the trial of Saddam Hussein, it appears that the U.S. backed Iraqi courts cannot bury the former dictator fast enough; which to me seems like a huge waste of time, as he was already buried when they found him in the first place. I mean, if the United States is so determined to put Saddam Hussein back in the ground, then they probably shouldn't have pulled him out of his spider hole to begin with. All that was missing was a tombstone ;)

Well, if and when the execution of Saddam Hussein takes place (within the next month) it is widely speculated that the event will spark greater animosity between Shiite and Sunni Iraqis further fueling their conflict; however, for an administration in desperate need of both a strategy and a reason for staying in Iraq, the further unrest caused by the hanging of the former dictator could provide President Bush with just enough justification to last... at least until he leaves office.

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