Thursday, December 28, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Gerald Ford 1913-2006

To me, Gerald Ford will always be remembered as the amiable klutz on T.V. who was always falling down and knocking stuff over; and bore a striking resemblance to Chevy Chase. In fact, if it weren't for Saturday Night Live re-runs, I'm not sure if anyone under the age of 30 would even know who Gerald Ford was. I mean, he was barely in the White House for two years and spent the majority of that time cleaning up the mess left behind by its previous occupant. In fact, next to pardoning Richard Nixon, I'd say that President Ford is probably best remembered for tumbling down the stairs of Air Force One during a visit to Austria.

The media has dubbed Gerald Ford the "Accidental President", in part because he was the only unelected Commander-in-Chief in American history (unless of course, you're including George W. Bush) but also because he was the one who introduced Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney to the upper echelons of power; meaning that while it's been over 30 years since President Ford left office, the ghosts of his brief Administration continue to haunt the White House to this day.

Perhaps this explains why the current head of state always appears to be falling flat on his face ;)

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