Thursday, November 02, 2006

Today's Cartoon: U.S. Military Chart Views Iraq Moving Towards Chaos

So, if the current situation in Iraq only constitutes an "orange" on the U.S. military's color-coded "Index of Civil Conflict", then how exactly will they know for certain if "chaos" is actually achieved? Is it a specific event or a circumstance, or is Central Command like those professors at University who simply refuse to hand out perfect grades?

I wonder what happens once a level of "chaos" is officially recognized by the U.S. military. Do they implement some sort of new strategy? And if so, could they not do it a bit sooner so as to not allow it to happen? I mean, what's the point of color-coding chaos, if the chaos doesn't even mean anything?

Well, look on the bright side. If everything that's happened thus far in Iraq is not enough for it to be considered "chaos", then there is an excellent chance that it never will be. In fact, all the U.S. military needs to do now is start making the realities on the ground reflect the "assessments" made in their charts and they should this thing wrapped up in no time ;)

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