Monday, November 20, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Tom Cruise Weds Katie Holmes

Hmm... I wonder if Tom Cruise's wedding reception was anything like the Cantina scene the original Star Wars. Judging by the outfits worn by some of his guests, I wouldn't be surprised ;)

So, now that "phase one" is finally complete, tabloid and gossip magazines (and web sites) that have profited by building up this media circus relationship and enabling it to mutate into yet another high-profile celebrity marriage can now equal (or exceed) their initial earnings by moving swiftly into "phase two", by starting the countdown to the divorce proceedings.

You see, by jumping around on Opera's couch and trying to make certain that the world knew just how straight he was every chance that he got; Tom Cruise made the conscious decision to invite the public into his private life. Since then, he has continued to make a spectacle of himself and his relationship with Katie Holmes, up to and including their glitzy, star-studded, faux marriage over the weekend.

However, now that the love-child has been born and the wedding ceremony has ended, there really isn't any need to keep the public in the loop any longer. Unfortunately for Tom Cruise, he may find that trying to divorce the media from his private life now, after courting it for two years, may be even more difficult than divorcing Katie Holmes without a pre-nup.

The way I see it, the media has an invested interest in Tom Cruise's public relationship with Katie Holmes that doesn't just disappear at the alter. A relationship that is born and nurtured in the public domain remains in the public eye, until it inevitably comes to an end. And the only way that a high profile, celebrity relationship comes to an end is when the media has squeezed every last penny out of it. And the only way the media knows this for certain, is from a divorce.

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