Monday, November 13, 2006

Today's Cartoon: President Bush Seeks Help From Father's Administration

Well, it looks like former President George H.W. Bush is actually going to get a second term after all, and I bet you nobody is more pissed off about it than his son George W. Bush. Then again, relying on his father to get him out of trouble was probably what landed him the job as president of the United States in the first place ;)

You know, it must be incredibly humbling for someone who has spent his entire adult life trying to exceed his father's accomplishments, to finally do so, only to screw things up so royally in the process that he needs his dad to come in and help him clean up the mess that he's made.

Fortunately however, there is still at least one accomplishment left for George W. Bush to exceed his father in achieving... and that is having a lower approval rating. Oh sure, it may not be the most sought after distinction for a U.S. President, but when you are as competitive a George W. Bush is, it may be just about the only thing he has to look forward to, during his last two (lame duck) years in office.

Then again, his father was never impeached either ;)

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