Friday, November 17, 2006

Today's Cartoon: OJ Simpson Book Labelled His Confession

After years of searching relentlessly for those responsible for the brutal slaying of his wife and her friend, it appears that OJ Simpson has finally tracked down the perpetrator. No wonder it took him so long to crack the case; apparently, the person Simpson was looking for was the one person that he suspected least of all... himself!

Unfortunately, everyone else on the planet has already known this for years, which means that not only is he a homicidal butcher, but is by far the worst detective in the history of crime investigation ;)

OJ Simpson's new book "If I Did It" is a "hypothetical" account of the slaying of his wife and her friend that many people (including his publisher) are calling his "confession". Yet somehow I get feeling that if his "confession" is $uccessful, it will merely be the first in a series of "If I Did It" novels.

Just think of it as "Where's Waldo" but with Bruno Magli shoes and a knife.

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Blogger Billy Chuckfist said...

thats fucking awesome

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