Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Today's Cartoon: NBC News Declares Civil War in Iraq

Although it may seem that the White House has little or no control over the current conditions in Iraq, it certainly appears to have a handle on what terminology the U.S. media can use to describe it... Or at least it did until NBC decided that it was going to start calling the conflict a "civil war".

You see, up until this point, it didn't really matter to the Bush Administration how dire the situation actually got in Iraq because back in the United States it always remained the same; on the verge of chaos... but not quite. However, in order to achieve this safety buffer between Iraq and the White House, the American mainstream media has been forced to rely on some clever “wordsmithing” in order to describe an ongoing civil war, without actually calling it one.

But now it's reached a point that when terms like "sectarian slaughter" are being used as alternatives to "civil war", the U.S. media is no longer doing the White House any favors, so they might as well just go ahead and call it what it really is... a complete and total "clusterf*ck".

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