Thursday, November 16, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Microsoft Launches Zune to Compete with iPod

The way I see it, there is really no point trying to compare the pros and cons of the Microsoft Zune with the Apple iPod, if your taste in music sucks. I mean really, who can criticize the Zune's for being thick and bulky, when the real problem is that it's got 30 gigs of crap stored in it ;)

While the technology is definitely cool, I think this whole iPod craze has completely passed me by; not just because I'm cheap, but because I really don't have the need to listen to thousands of mp3 files. Instead, I like to listen to just one song over and over again, to the point that when I go out, I don't need any portable music player because that song has been burned directly into my brain.

You see, the head is the poor man's iPod; and while mine may be considered thick and bulky like the Microsoft Zune, at least I never have to worry about losing it... Unless of course, I use it to play "Tetris" on the bus ;)

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Anonymous kid audio said...

Just for the fun of doing nerdy graphics: Check out google trends, and you got there an iPod raking it in no doubt: spiking at well timed unveilings around the holidays. While down in the dumps, Zune crawls rock bottom.
most cited mp3 players out of 2007

10:07 p.m.  

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