Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Today's Cartoon: John Kerry Draws Republican Fire Over "Botched Joke" About Iraq

While I thought I understood what John Kerry was "implying" when he told a group of college students to get an education or risk getting "stuck in Iraq", I still have no idea why he would say it so close to the mid-term elections and basically give his political opponents some fresh meat to chew on.

It seemed to me that what Kerry was TRYING to say was that "education" provides individuals more career choices; whereas without it, their only option would be (thanks to lowered enlistment standards) a career in the military ( "stuck in Iraq"). Although, I don't think he meant to say that ALL military personnel are "uneducated", there is a difference between soldiers who've enlisted because they've "wanted" to and those who've done so because it was the ONLY career option available to them... and that is due mainly to education, or the lack thereof.

...Of course, that was my interpretation up until John Kerry decided to respond to the criticism by saying that it was a "botched joke" about President Bush. So, not only does this completely change my understanding of his comment, but it pretty much changes my understanding of John Kerry as well.

Perhaps next time he wants to tell a "joke", he may want to consider including the "subject" in either the set up or the punch line. Or if that's too difficult, wait until after the elections to try to tell it ;)

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