Thursday, November 09, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Democrats Sweep Midterm Elections

While the Democrats sweeping the Republicans in the mid-term elections was not quite on the same level as the Ewoks defeating the Empire in "Return of the Jedi", I'm pretty sure their victory celebration was ;)

Despite losing control of both the house and the senate, the Republicans were able to keep it close; but like in boxing, it really doesn't matter how competitively you fought, if you still lose every round. And the fact that they lost, even with the same referee in their corner that they've had for their previous fights, gives the impression that the Democrats victory may have been much more lop-sided than it actually appears.

So now that the Democrats have seemingly inherited the war in Iraq from the Bush Administration, they have been given the monumental task of trying to figure out a way to close Pandora's Box while cleaning the Augean stables in Washington at the same time. Personally, I think that both would be well served by a full and proper investigation into the events of 9/11; after all, it was that which President Bush based his entire foreign and domestic policy on.

Obviously, someone who makes ALL of his decisions based on an event with so much uncertainty attached to it is going to run into some problems. Remember, the invasion of Iraq was in direct response to 9/11. So, I think it's important that if the Democrats want to figure out a way to get their troops out of Iraq, they may want to understand what it was that actually got them there in the first place.

A proper investigation into 9/11 would serve the United States well, if for no other reason, than it would get the American people back on the same page so that they can start moving forward, together.

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