Friday, November 24, 2006

Today's Cartoon: American Thanksgiving Marred By Iraq Violence

Experts say that the reason why Americans usually feel lethargic during Thanksgiving is due to a chemical in turkey, known as "tryptophan"; or in George W. Bush's case, a situation in Iraq known as "civil war".

This year, it appears that the most difficult thing for President Bush to swallow may not be the pretzel stuffing, but his pride; as reports are indicating that the latest wave of sectarian violence in Iraq is the worst the country has experience since the U.S. invaded, in 2003.

You know, when President Bush sits down with his family for Thanksgiving dinner and it's his turn to "give thanks", I wonder if his speech writers were able to come up for anything for him to be "thankful" for, other than squeezing another year in office, without getting impeached ;)

Unfortunately, being thankful for what you've got isn't quite the same as being grateful for what you REALLY wanted. I'm pretty sure for that, Mr. Bush is going to have to pull the wishbone... at least twice.

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