Friday, October 27, 2006

Today's Cartoon: President Bush Authorizes Mexican Border Fence

Unfortunately, making it more difficult for illegal immigrants to sneak into the United States, isn't going to deter them from trying. So long as there is still a cheap labor job waiting for them on the other side of the border.

Basically, what the President of the United States has decided to do is make his "maze" a little more complicated in the hopes that the mice give up trying, instead of just removing the cheese from the finish line and give the mice no reason to enter the maze in the first place.

The way I see it, building a 700 mile barrier to keep out illegal immigrants while at the same time encouraging them as part of a "guest worker program" completely contradicts each other and only serves to put a lot more Mexican lives at risk. While this may just be a quick fix, election year, snap legislation aimed at shoring up more votes for the Republican party, I really don't see how either side of the "immigration" debate will be satisfied by this decision, because when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration in the United States, President Bush appears to be "sitting on the fence".

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