Friday, October 20, 2006

Today's Cartoon: President Bush Compares Violence in Iraq to "Tet Offensive" During Vietnam

Personally, I disagree with President Bush's assessment that the recent increase of violence in Iraq is comparable to the Tet offensive during the Vietnam War.

You see, from a historical perspective, the Tet offensive marked the turning point in the war in Vietnam when public support for the conflict started to decline in the United States; however, if you ask me, the "breaking point" for the war in Iraq was achieved years ago, with the release of the infamous "Downing Street Memo".

In my opinion, the rapid decline in support for the war in Iraq was not in response to any military offensive launched by the insurgents. Instead, it was in response to a political "offensive" created by the Bush Administration. Basically, as soon as the American people realized that they had been coerced into invading Iraq by their own government, the public did not need to endure a "Tet offensive" to turn them against the war.

In fact, the idea that there could possibly be a "Tet-type" event for the war in Iraq is difficult for me to understand, considering that Americans still react so strongly to the memories of the Vietnam War. The way I see it, the "Tet offensive" for the war in Iraq, is the actual Tet offensive of the Vietnam war; which in hindsight, now serves as a warning to the American public as to what can happen when their country is forced (or tricked) into fighting a war for no valid reason.

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