Monday, October 23, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Panamanians Vote to Expand Panama Canal

Uh oh... Not only does it appear that North America is in the grips of an obesity epidemic, but it now seems that things have gotten so out of control that Panamanians are actually going to expand the Panama Canal, so that other countries can get even more food to us... even faster!

To me, expanding the Panama Canal is like adding another straw to a super jumbo slurpee. While there is some trade that is "necessary"; for the most part, all this means is that North Americans will be able to import more "stuff" we don't need, from countries who make it for us at a fraction of the cost.

I guess this is how "foreign trade" works. We export the manufacturing jobs overseas and in return we import their cheap products. Unless of course, you are one of the unfortunate many who've lost their job in the process; which as a result, makes these cheap products not so "cheap" after all.

While the "need" to expand the Panama Canal is somewhat symbolic of North America's increasing dependency on foreign trade (and by foreign, I mean "China"), I guess it could be worse... I mean, at least our economy isn't solely dependant on the size of a gash that runs through our country, which must be expanded in order to fill the insatiable appetite of other nations for even more "stuff".

In other words, say "Aw" Panama! ;)

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