Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Today's Cartoon: North Korea Announces Plans for Nuclear Test

With all discussion being focused on the deceptions and scandals coming out of Washington lately, it's amazing what some countries are willing to do to get some attention.

You know, I find it difficult to understand the logic behind a "nuclear test". I mean, I'm pretty sure that nuclear bombs still do the exact same thing today that they did back in the 1940's and 50's. So, unless North Korea's "test" is to somehow determine whether or not radiation sickness will miraculously take the people's mind off the fact that they're starving, then I really don't think that Pyongyang's priorities are in the right place.

Look, if Kim Jong-il really wants to convince the world that he has a nuclear arsenal, then why doesn't he just parade it down the middle of the capital, like he usually does when he gets a new toy? Is it because he's worried that the precession might hit a pot hole and accidentally wipe the Korean peninsula off the map? Well, if that's the case then he may want to just keep the bubble wrap around the warheads, because that is the most likely scenario if he were to ever decide to use one against another country.

As far as North Korea's "nuclear test" goes; warning the United States by test firing a nuclear weapon on itself is not the kind of "deterrent" that I believe the current administration would understand, especially in this climate of "pre-emptive wars". The White House may mistake North Korea's test for an American assault and immediately order a follow up.

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