Monday, October 09, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Jack Straw Requests British Muslims To Remove Veils

While I am already suspect of most claims that are made by politicians, I am especially doubtful of those concerning issues of gender, ethnicity and/or religion made from those without any sort of affiliation to them. Even if the intention is a noble one, it seems like whenever a politician begins pontificating outside of their narrow frame of knowledge (which unfortunately is quite often), it only serves to make the situation they're addressing even worse than it was, before they decided to open their mouths in the first place.

So, when I heard that Jack Straw, the leader of the British House of Common had called upon Muslim women in Britain to remove their veils in an effort to improve "community relations", I pretty much knew (even from across the Atlantic) what the response was going to be; which surprises me that such a seasoned veteran as Mr. Straw couldn't have also anticipated the public's reaction to his statement... back when it was still floating around inside his head!

Look, if a politician doesn't know how to solve a particular problem then at the very least they should understand the things that will make it worse. Usually that is enough to encourage them just to remain silent on the subject ;)

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