Friday, October 06, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Dennis Hastert Blames Democrats For Mark Foley Scandal

It looked like House Speaker Dennis Hastert was really swinging for the fences, when he accused the Democrats of exploiting the controversy around Mark Foley's resignation for political gains because they didn't have their own "story to tell".

First of all, who would want their own "story" to tell, when the "genre" is inappropriate conduct with a 16 year old boy and its apparent cover-up? Heck, not even if it were written by Tom Clancy do I think Democrats would want to lay claim to that page burner.

Secondly, well duh... Of course they are going to use this to their advantage, as they should. I mean, if the argument being made is that the Democrats should have known (before the Republicans did) that Congressman Mark Foley was a child predator; and should have done something about it sooner, rather than wait until the elections, then it would appear to me that the Republican Party is about as organized as a dormitory's kitchen and as reliable as a short bus driven by the students ;)

Look, if you let other people to do your job for you, then you are either incredibly incompetent or unbelievably brilliant. The difference is in how much you actually rely on those people to help you get by. And there have already been plenty of books and "tell-alls" written in last little while to indicate just where along that spectrum most people believe the Republican party belongs.

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