Friday, October 13, 2006

Today's Cartoon: British Army Chief Calls For Iraq Withdrawl

Surely by calling for a troop withdrawal from Iraq, the head of the British Military isn't proposing a "Cut and Run" strategy that will enable the insurgents in Iraq to transform their country into "terrorist state", where Al Qaeda will be greeted as "liberators" and become an even bigger threat; not just to the United States, but to the entire world...

Of course not, because it appears that General (Sir) Richard Dunnatt has decided not to confuse the scary "rhetoric" of politicians with the even scarier "reality" that his troops are facing on the ground in Iraq.

The desperate situation in Iraq is no longer in the "capable" hands of Britain and the United States to fix. In fact, the more they try to repair the damage they've caused, the faster everything else seems to fall apart around them. At this point, it I would say that the best (and only) chance for saving Iraq would be for the remaining remnants of the "coalition of the willing" to pull out and allow the international community an opportunity to (hopefully) step in and not be viewed as being under the command of the United States. The problem is that right now everything that is related to the reconstruction effort in Iraq has a "made in America" stamp on it, which Iraqis absolutely refuse to accept, regardless of what is being offered to them.

The war in Iraq was never about what was best for the people of Iraq, it was about disarming Saddam Hussein of weapons that never actually existed, but were still perceived to be an immediate threat to the United States. Since then, the mission statement has been forced to change numerous times in order to keep one step ahead of the growing number of critics as justification for the invasion and continued occupation of Iraq. The problem was that every time the reason changed, it was because the situation has deteriorated to such a degree that the explanation could no longer be sustained, so the politicians had to move onto something else. Weapons of mass destruction were disproved by the weapons inspectors, the claim that Americans would be "greeted as liberators" was disproved by the insurgency, the world being better off without Saddam Hussein was disproved by reports claiming that the war in Iraq has actually made the world less safe and the claims of a "free Iraq" were disproved by the ethnic cleansing that is carried out by it's police and security forces.

That at this stage in the game, I would say that Britain and the United States have nothing more to lose by pulling out Iraq than they would by staying put. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the Iraqis would be too busy fighting each other to even notice that they had left.

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