Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Syria Blames U.S. For Embassy Attack

Apparently a "senior member" of the Syrian government has blamed the United States for attacking its own embassy in Damascus and claims that they are "100% sure" that America was behind the attack, which they believe was aimed at "embarrassing" the Syrian regime.

This would mean that the warm sentiment expressed by the United States towards Syria for protecting it's embassy (and in a sense, its country) from attack, is being treated by Damascus more like a smoke screen that has being thrown up by the US government, in an attempt to cover its butt.

Look, perhaps all this suspicion against the United States is based solely on the fact that they actually said something GOOD about Syria. I mean that in itself is enough to make anyone suspect that they must have done something wrong ;) After all, isn't Syria supposed to be a card carrying member of the "Axis of Evil"?

If this report is accurate, then unless the Syrian government can produce the evidence to support their claim, it would appear as though the United States wouldn't have to lift a finger in order to achieve its goal of "embarrassing" them. It should be quite interesting to see where this story goes.


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