Thursday, September 07, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Suri Cruise and the Secret CIA Prisons

They say that the first step towards "recovery" is admitting that you have a problem; and for the Bush, Administration, that problem is the use of secret CIA prisons in foreign countries.

Of course this "realization" didn't come without the help of an "intervention" in the form of a US Supreme court ruling, that "military tribunals" for detainees violated international and US laws, which prompted the US government to transfer prisoners out of its "secret" detention centers and provide them with "Prisoner of War" status.

That being said, the use of these Clandestine Facilities are not without some serious drawbacks for the Bush Administration and it's "War on Terror", which probably made the decision to empty them out not a very difficult one. Perhaps the BIGGEST problem with these secret prisons is not the fact that they're not so "secret" and that they severely damage America's image; nor is it that they operate outside international law. It seems that despite all the efforts the United States made to locate a dark cozy corner in the world for them to "get medieval" on detainees without being disturbed, the "intelligence" that they were receiving in return was probably not the most reliable.

Basically if the CIA works a detainee hard enough, not only will they find out where Osama Bin Laden is, but they'll also learn who shot JFK and discover where Jimmy Hoffa is buried... that is of course, if they don't already know ;)


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