Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Spinach E Coli Outbreak Grips the U.S.

If you watched the news over the last few days then not only would you be convinced that ALL Americans eat spinach, but that it's just about the ONLY thing they eat. I mean, since when did McDonalds start putting spinach in their "Big Macs"?

While the news of an E Coli outbreak in spinach is obviously important, the 24 hour coverage seemed more like a dress rehearsal for a bird flu or Ebola virus pandemic than it did for a contaminated vegetable (unless it's a "Triffid"). I guess with all the hyping the mainstream media did over the "impending" bird flu epidemic in North America, maybe they just saw this as the closest thing to it and decided to milk the "crisis" for all it's worth, by combining the panic of an "flu outbreak" with the uncertainty of a "terrorist attack" and packaging it within a bag of fresh spinach ;)

Whether or not the cause for concern is more real than hype, the truth of the (fecal) matter is that the E Coli bacteria did not just tarnish some spinach, but the entire reputation of the vegetable as well; which is great news for the owners of "Popeye the Sailorman", because I pretty sure that the official spokes-character for spinach is going to be in high demand, once the outbreak (or the fear of it) has finally ended.

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