Friday, September 29, 2006

Today's Cartoon: President Bush Calls Democrats the Party of "Cut and Run"

I wonder what's worse, being a "flip flopper" or a "cut and runner". I guess it all really depends on what you're "flip flopping" over or "cut and running" from. Well, all I know is that it is far better to "cut and run" from "flip flopping" than it is to "flip flop" over "cutting and running", which by that logic puts the Democrats in a better position than were prior to the 2004 elections ;)

Now that President Bush has settled upon a new catch phrase for the upcoming mid-term elections, it's up to the Democrats to figure out a way to compete, by somehow cramming their entire platform into a single phrase that uses less words and less syllables than the Republicans choice of "cut and run".

You see, the true art of name calling is in its simplicity (rather than its accuracy). The easier it is for someone to remember a nickname, the more likely they are to use it and the more likely they are to get the people around them to use it as well. And the easiest way to ensure that people remember a nickname is by making it as short as possible. Basically, the less time it takes for people to pronounce a word or phrase, the less chance there is that they are actually going to think about what it means and whether it appropriately applies or not. In other words, if it something sounds good, people usually like to say it.

The last time, President Bush won re-election by using the term "flip flop" to put-down his opponent and confuse Americans into not voting for him. This time however, it seems that the Republicans are so sure of their new catch phrase that they are actually willing to give up the extra word (and third syllable) in order to use it.

By deciding to run on a three-worded platform instead of two, the Republicans appear to have lowered there guards a little bit, presenting the Democrats with a golden opportunity to steal the election by thinking up a simple two syllable catch-phrase that would be easier for the American people to remember than "cut and run".

Now all the Democrats have to do is sum up the last four years using two words that can actually be aired on television ;)

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