Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Military Coup in Thailand

I guess this is the "political" equivalent of having the landlord (or king) change the locks on your apartment while you're out of town for the weekend. Even worse for Thailand's (former) Prime Minister Thasksin Shinawatra was the fact that all of this took place while he was supposed to be representing his country at the United Nations; talk about embarrassing!

Well, it looks like George W. Bush has yet another reason to despise the United Nations. It would seem to me that a situation like this might make the Bush Administration a little bit nervous. After all, quite a few of the allegations which prompted the military coup in Thailand (interference with state agencies, and creation of social divisions) appear to reflect similar claims that have been leveled against the White House by both the opposition (democrats) and the military (the two key ingredients in any successful Coup d'├ętat). Therefore, any action that takes place under those reasons, automatically draws a lot of unwanted attention to the possibilities (and results) of such an event taking place within the United States.

Fortunately however for President Bush, he doesn't have to travel too far outside of Washington to get to the UN. In fact, the only time that President Bush has faced the danger of being "overthrown" while out of the country, is whenever he tries to ride his bicycle ;)

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