Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Mexico Court Rules Felipe Calderon President-Elect

Is it just me, or does it seem like pretty soon ALL "democratic" elections are going to be decided through the courts? Don't get me wrong, I think using judges to determine the outcome of presidential election results is an EXCELLENT way to reduce incidences of "voter fraud". I mean, how can anyone possibly cheat when there are only seven eligible voters, right? ;)

To me, the main benefit to letting only a few judges vote instead of the general population is that it greatly reduces the chances of voter irregularity. You see, judges vote in public, and if any of them were to try to vote using two hands instead of one, I'm fairly certain that someone would notice (after they took the time to do the math). Other than that, "voter irregularity" would simply mean that the judges were eating too much cheese :)

It's amazing to see that in less than 10 years Mexico's fledgling democracy has already caught up to the electoral standard of the United States. Let's just hope that Congressional Elections in November can live up to everyone's expectation and continue this wonderful tradition of using the courts to decide who the public "really" wants ;)


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