Monday, September 11, 2006

Today's Cartoon: LonelyGirl15 and 9/11

While personally I don't find personal video blogs (or "vlogs") to be all that interesting, mainly because most of them are not very compelling or insightful (with the rare exception); the idea of using a vlog as a creative tool to tell a story is a fascinating idea :)

For the last few weeks I had been scratching my head, trying to figure out the sudden success behind one video blog in particular, that of a (supposed) 16 year old girl who goes by the name "Lonelygirl15". Apparently, the Vlog was designed to be the daily video journal of a young girl named "Bree" who (as the story goes) is home schooled, ultra-religious and has a long-standing crush on some boy named "Daniel"; however, when I tried to watch a few of her entries, I found them to be more confusing (and annoying) than interesting. So, I just figured that all of the attention was due basically to the young girl's appearance and left it at that.

Well, as it turns out "Bree" (aka. "LonelyGirl15") is not actually a real person, but rather a "character" out of some Hollywood production. And while to many of her loyal followers, this may be viewed as somewhat of a betrayal; to those who haven't invested a lot of time following this "character's" vlog (thinking it's real), the knowledge that she may be part of an upcoming horror project may spark a lot more interest in these videos, now that people know that they are not a complete waste of time (unless the movie sucks).

While the movies themselves are not all that imaginative anymore, the marketing campaigns behind them seem to be getting better and better, thanks to the endless creative opportunities provided by the internet. It's just too bad that these marketing geniuses can't get their hands on some of the scripts ;)


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