Monday, September 04, 2006

Today's Cartoon: The Al Qaeda and Kevin Federline Connection

I have absolutely nothing against Islam, or any other "organized religion" for that matter. The way I see it, if it makes someone a better person and a better member of the community, then more power to them.

Though personally, I tend to believe that "atheists" are among the most generous members of society, simply because whenever they decide to do "good deeds" it's because they genuinely want to, rather than out of the expectation that "God" will reward them for their "generosity". That being said, there are plenty of merits to belonging to an organized religion. It provides guidance and structure for those who may not have any in their life. It gives individuals a sense of belonging and acceptance, by becoming a member of a very large group. And it can also help you get a job, that you would not otherwise be qualified to perform ;)

Most organized religions devote a large portion of their time and money towards promoting their faith within their communities; and while over the years, most of us have probably been made quite aware of what our towns and cities have to offer, new technology has helped to create a "global village" and with that opportunities for other religions to compete for patronage of your heathen soul; case in point, Al Qaeda's new video message urging all Americans to convert to Islam.

Now, it seems to me that Al Qaeda recruiting for Islam is a lot like Michael Jackson trying to recruit for the Boy Scouts of America. First of all, it's extremely creepy; and secondly, just because someone claims to REALLY love something, it doesn't mean that they actually know what's best for it, or even how to look after it. Seriously, Al Qaeda trying to convert the United States to Islam would be like George W. Bush trying to baptize Muhammad Ali in a church urinal (minus the Parkinson's).

If the Muslim world truly wants the United States to embrace Islam, then it definitely should not be up to "Al Qaeda" to do the campaigning for them. Personally, I would recommend someone like Yusuf Islam (aka. Cat Stevens) for the job because he's none-threatening, most Americans are already familiar with (and like) him… and if can convert Kevin Federline, hopefully this will mean that he'll retire from performing as well ;)


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