Friday, September 29, 2006

Today's Cartoon: President Bush Calls Democrats the Party of "Cut and Run"

I wonder what's worse, being a "flip flopper" or a "cut and runner". I guess it all really depends on what you're "flip flopping" over or "cut and running" from. Well, all I know is that it is far better to "cut and run" from "flip flopping" than it is to "flip flop" over "cutting and running", which by that logic puts the Democrats in a better position than were prior to the 2004 elections ;)

Now that President Bush has settled upon a new catch phrase for the upcoming mid-term elections, it's up to the Democrats to figure out a way to compete, by somehow cramming their entire platform into a single phrase that uses less words and less syllables than the Republicans choice of "cut and run".

You see, the true art of name calling is in its simplicity (rather than its accuracy). The easier it is for someone to remember a nickname, the more likely they are to use it and the more likely they are to get the people around them to use it as well. And the easiest way to ensure that people remember a nickname is by making it as short as possible. Basically, the less time it takes for people to pronounce a word or phrase, the less chance there is that they are actually going to think about what it means and whether it appropriately applies or not. In other words, if it something sounds good, people usually like to say it.

The last time, President Bush won re-election by using the term "flip flop" to put-down his opponent and confuse Americans into not voting for him. This time however, it seems that the Republicans are so sure of their new catch phrase that they are actually willing to give up the extra word (and third syllable) in order to use it.

By deciding to run on a three-worded platform instead of two, the Republicans appear to have lowered there guards a little bit, presenting the Democrats with a golden opportunity to steal the election by thinking up a simple two syllable catch-phrase that would be easier for the American people to remember than "cut and run".

Now all the Democrats have to do is sum up the last four years using two words that can actually be aired on television ;)

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Today's Cartoon: President Bush Referees Dinner Between Karzai an Musharraf

While the President of the United States may appear determined to "stay the course" in Afghanistan, apparently he has been known to "Cut and run" in the White House, if you catch my drift ;) I wonder if he greets his dinner guests the same way he likes to introduce himself to his new aides; if so, then the Presidents of Afghanistan and Pakistan must have had an extremely long night.

You know, I'm actually quite certain that the dinner date between Hamid Karzai and Pervez Musharraf at the White House will finally settle their dispute as to WHO was responsible for the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan. That being said, let's just hope that President Bush didn't serve up anything that could have been used as a weapon against him, like a bowl of soup... or a pretzel ;)

While President Bush is fortunate enough to have allies in the war in Afghanistan, something tells me that his Iraq dinners are a little less "organized". I mean you can only have fish n' chips with Tony Blair so many times :) After all, if success in Iraq was as simple as a meal at the White House, then at this point they would probably be inquiring as to whether or not Saddam Hussein was on a hunger strike this week.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Today's Cartoon: George W. Bush Declassifies Portions of Leaked Intelligence Report on Iraq

To me it seems rather indicative of the disconnect that exists between the Bush Administration and well... "reality", when the President of the United States actually needs a "secret" intelligence report to tell him what basically the rest of the world has already known for quite a while now... that the war in Iraq may in fact be one of the worst mistakes ever made, by any country, in the history of the civilization.

The other one perhaps being the day that Australia decided to introduce rabbits into its ecosystem, in which the results were alarmingly similar ;)

President Bush has alleged that the "leaking" of information from the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq to the media, ahead of November's mid-term elections, was done so purely for "political purposes". In other words, the confirmation of a belief that most everyone (who reads the news) has already had since even before the President received this report (back in April), may in turn give the American people a more accurate understanding of the situation in Iraq going into the Congressional Elections; instead of after, when the release of such a grim assessment would have been far less damaging to the administration, especially if the Republicans were successfully able to maintain control of the House and Senate.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Bill Clinton Defends His Efforts to Capture Osama Bin Laden

I really don't understand why after five years of "The War on Terror", the American mainstream media has basically decided to blame Bill Clinton for not capturing Osama Bin Laden; except to think that maybe they're pissed off that he had to leave office and hand the responsibility of defending the United States over to the Bush Administration ;)

Look, *if* what Clinton says is true and the FBI and the CIA refused to certify that Bin Laden was responsible for attack on the USS Cole in October of 2000 (weeks before the elections and a few months before he left office), then it would appear (that as an outgoing President) he could do little else (except declare martial law and cancel the elections) than present the intelligence to the incoming administration, so that they could deal with it.

So, if hindsight is 20/20 and Bill Clinton MUST be held accountable for everything that has happened since he's left office, then I guess this would mean that the BIGGEST mistake he made while president was not that he failed to capture Osama Bin Laden, but that he left it up to the Bush Administration to do it ;)

Hmm... I wonder if this also means that the folks at FOX news are going to start holding George W. Bush accountable (in hindsight) for falsely claiming that there were WMDs in Iraq, leading to the complete clusterf*ck that the Middle East is in today.

...Oh wait I forgot, this is an election year ;)

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Leaked French Document Reports Osama Bin Laden's Demise

You know, I can completely understand the confusion surrounding the fate of Osama Bin Laden. After all, in the 5 years since the attacks of 9/11, Bin Laden has gone all the way from public enemy #1 to somewhere in between Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan ;)

In the ongoing "War on Terror", Bin Laden was treated like a child star who outgrew his appeal (somewhere around the 3rd season) and was quickly replaced by a fresh new terrorist, who seamlessly took over his role of "Boogeyman". Since then, Bin Laden has been relegated to guest appearances on the occasional "What ever happened to?..." retrospectives, which seem to only air around elections.

It seems to me that the real reason why U.S. intelligence officials are doubting the reports of Osama Bin Laden's passing is not because they actually have any sort of evidence to disprove it, but because they are reluctant to accept or investigate any sort of information which may confirm it (at least until closer to the mid-term elections). You see, to the Bush Administration, Bin Laden is much more than just the leader of a terrorist organization; he is their mascot of "evil", the "Mickey Mouse" of their New (Disney)World Order and the reason for which all invasive foreign and domestic acts are enabled.

To lose Bin Laden now, especially to "typhoid fever", actually hurts the Bush administration because it denies them the glorious narrative of having captured or eliminated their arch nemesis; or at least the opportunity to frame it in such a manner that it actually sounds like they did, especially at a time when it would benefit them the most (at the polls) ;)

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Pakistan Pres. Pervez Musharraf Reveals Post 9/11 Threats by United States

Ah ha! Now I know why Canada has been so devoted to the United States and dedicated to its "War on Terror"; we must have been threatened to be bombed back to the Stone Age, just like Pakistan!

Fortunately for us however, most Canadians live somewhere within 200 km of the United States border, which means that the majority of our country (the 2nd largest in the world) is pretty much already in the "Stone Age" to begin with ;)

Well, I guess this means that Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf is now officially off the White House Christmas card mailing list. First, he appears at odds with President Bush over allowing US forces to enter Pakistan to pursue "Al Qaeda" and now he accuses the United States of basically bullying him into cooperating to begin with. This along with his recent ceasefire agreement with pro-Taliban militants along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and a dispute with Afghan leader Hamid Karzai over who is to blame for the increase in violence in Afghanistan; and you begin to get the impression that President Musharraf isn't all that thrilled about his country's forced participation in the "War on Terror" anymore.

Either that, or he's just feeling a little under appreciated and all he needs are a few words of "encouragement" from the Bush Administration ;)

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Hugo Chavez calls George W. Bush the "Devil" at United Nations

US ambassador John Bolton stated that the Bush Administration was not going to respond to the statements made by Hugo Chavez at the United Nations because they viewed it as a "comic strip" approach to international affairs (as if that's a BAD thing!)

So I guess that leaves it up to me (and my own "comic strip approach") to comment on the speech instead ;)

I have to admit that I found the "sulfur" bit pretty funny :) You know, for a second there I thought I was watching a stand-up routine at the "Just for Laughs" festival, instead of an actual speech at the United Nations. But all kidding aside, the "speech" given by Venezuela's president is a pretty disturbing indication of just how much respect and credibility the United States has lost in the world, when it actually becomes the butt of jokes delivered at the United Nations.

Chavez's jabs at President Bush also seems to indicate the confidence he has in believing that he can say whatever he wants about the Bush Administration and there is nothing that they can do about it. Personally, I think a lot of this "confidence" has come out 0f the recent "Nonaligned Summit" in Cuba and the economic agreement signed between Venezuela and Iran. Recently, Chavez has expressed his full support of Tehran's nuclear ambitions and warned that the United States would regret any decision to attack Iran, which makes me wonder what kind of "support" Venezuela has received in return.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Military Coup in Thailand

I guess this is the "political" equivalent of having the landlord (or king) change the locks on your apartment while you're out of town for the weekend. Even worse for Thailand's (former) Prime Minister Thasksin Shinawatra was the fact that all of this took place while he was supposed to be representing his country at the United Nations; talk about embarrassing!

Well, it looks like George W. Bush has yet another reason to despise the United Nations. It would seem to me that a situation like this might make the Bush Administration a little bit nervous. After all, quite a few of the allegations which prompted the military coup in Thailand (interference with state agencies, and creation of social divisions) appear to reflect similar claims that have been leveled against the White House by both the opposition (democrats) and the military (the two key ingredients in any successful Coup d'état). Therefore, any action that takes place under those reasons, automatically draws a lot of unwanted attention to the possibilities (and results) of such an event taking place within the United States.

Fortunately however for President Bush, he doesn't have to travel too far outside of Washington to get to the UN. In fact, the only time that President Bush has faced the danger of being "overthrown" while out of the country, is whenever he tries to ride his bicycle ;)

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Spinach E Coli Outbreak Grips the U.S.

If you watched the news over the last few days then not only would you be convinced that ALL Americans eat spinach, but that it's just about the ONLY thing they eat. I mean, since when did McDonalds start putting spinach in their "Big Macs"?

While the news of an E Coli outbreak in spinach is obviously important, the 24 hour coverage seemed more like a dress rehearsal for a bird flu or Ebola virus pandemic than it did for a contaminated vegetable (unless it's a "Triffid"). I guess with all the hyping the mainstream media did over the "impending" bird flu epidemic in North America, maybe they just saw this as the closest thing to it and decided to milk the "crisis" for all it's worth, by combining the panic of an "flu outbreak" with the uncertainty of a "terrorist attack" and packaging it within a bag of fresh spinach ;)

Whether or not the cause for concern is more real than hype, the truth of the (fecal) matter is that the E Coli bacteria did not just tarnish some spinach, but the entire reputation of the vegetable as well; which is great news for the owners of "Popeye the Sailorman", because I pretty sure that the official spokes-character for spinach is going to be in high demand, once the outbreak (or the fear of it) has finally ended.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Pope Benedict Apologizes for Offending Muslims

Pope Benedict XVI delivered a speech during his trip to Bavaria last week, in which he quoted a 14th century Christian Emperor who claimed that (among other things) everything the Prophet Muhammad brought to the world was "evil". As a result, the Muslim world condemned the Pope's comments and demanded that he apologize, which he did... sort of.

You see, the "apology" was not for his decision to use the quote, but rather for the Muslim backlash to it. Pope Benedict insists that his use of the quote was misinterpreted, by being taken out of context in regards to the rest of his speech; meanwhile, Muslims are still upset because the Pope only chose to apologize for THEIR reaction and not for HIS comments.

So, while it doesn't seem like there is going to be any resolution to this religious stand off anytime soon, I guess we should feel fortunate that the situation is not as bad as it could have been. After all, it's not like the Pope accused Muslims for "starting all the wars in the world" or used "visual aids" during his speech.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Today's Cartoon: US Report on Iran Called "Outrageous and Dishonest" by United Nations

Wow! 200 cartoons later and still the world doesn't make any more sense to me. Hopefully I will have it all figured out by the time it hit 300 ;) Thanks again to everyone for stopping by. I hope you are enjoying the 'toons and will continue to make me part of your work week, school week or hedonistic hiatus from both :)

Well, it looks like the United States is not going to get its war with Iran, at least not without a fight from the United Nations. If the International Atomic Energy Committee (IAEA) thought that the U.S. had "credibility issues" before, over its claims that Iraq had WMDs, then a recent congressional commitees report on Iran's nuclear program must seem like déjà vu all over again.

Apparently the report is being accused of distorting what the IAEA has learned about Iran's nuclear activities by exaggerating their findings to create the impression that Iran's nuclear program is far more advanced then it actually is; thus making Iran much more of a threat to the United States than they actually are.

You know, I can understand why the Bush Administrations would want to invade Iran. After all, they've already created a huge ugly mess in both Iraq and Afghanistan; and with Iran sitting pretty in between, it just makes the other two look even worse. At least if there was a war in Iran, instead of worrying about the other two quagmires in the Middle East, all the United States would have to worry about was just one... ENORMOUS quagmire; which if you can spin it the right way could actually sound a lot like progress, even though it's just about the furthest thing from it ;)

You see, the Middle East has sort of become like a big ol' game of "Hollywood Squares", or in this case "Terrorist Squares". For its first move, the United States placed its "X" on the right side of the board, in Osama Bin Laden's box (which was actually a cave!). Next, the United Nations tried to put its "O" on the left side of the board, but the United States claimed that they were taking too long, so they snuck an "X" in Saddam Hussein's box (which was actually a spider hole!) instead. Now it's America's turn again and this time they've got their eyes on the center square; except the UN feels cheated over losing its turn in Iraq, so they are doing everything in their power to ensure that their "O" gets placed in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's box (which is actually a nuclear power plant!) so they can block the United States from winning the game and turning the whole region into an irreversible clusterf*ck in the process.

Hmm... It would appear that the United Nations have learned some valuable lessons since the invasion of Iraq, such as... "Fool me once, shame on ... shame on you. Fool me... We can't get fooled again!" ;)

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Today's Cartoon: NATO Refuses to Send Reinforcements to Afghanistan

Well, it looks like the invasion of Afghanistan has now turned into the evasion of Afghanistan, as NATO allies refuse to send reinforcements into battle. And really, who can blame them?

Oh sure their "official" response may be that their militaries are stretched to the limits, but that's just a diplomatic way of saying that the war in Afghanistan is not worth the sacrifice. Then again, why would any country want to continue sending troops there when they already know what the outcome is going to be, regardless of what might take place on the battlefield. All they have to do is read up on its history to understand that.

It appears to me that the Taliban was able to regroup basically because the Afghan people allowed them to do so, otherwise they would have resisted and the coalition forces wouldn't be in the situation that they find themselves in today. And why would the people of Afghanistan want the Taliban to come back? Because for better or for worse, they had been the only kind of stable form of government Afghanistan has had after decades of war.

Ultimately, the outcome of the war in Afghanistan is going to be decided by the people of Afghanistan (not the United States) because it is being fought on their behalf (or at least, supposed to be). Therefore, if they've decided to allow the Taliban to come back to the point that NATO now has to call for reinforcements after almost 5 years of occupation, then it would seem as though the people of Afghanistan have also made their choice as to who they really want in charge of their country; which ironically, is about as close to a "democracy" as that country has ever been.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Syria Blames U.S. For Embassy Attack

Apparently a "senior member" of the Syrian government has blamed the United States for attacking its own embassy in Damascus and claims that they are "100% sure" that America was behind the attack, which they believe was aimed at "embarrassing" the Syrian regime.

This would mean that the warm sentiment expressed by the United States towards Syria for protecting it's embassy (and in a sense, its country) from attack, is being treated by Damascus more like a smoke screen that has being thrown up by the US government, in an attempt to cover its butt.

Look, perhaps all this suspicion against the United States is based solely on the fact that they actually said something GOOD about Syria. I mean that in itself is enough to make anyone suspect that they must have done something wrong ;) After all, isn't Syria supposed to be a card carrying member of the "Axis of Evil"?

If this report is accurate, then unless the Syrian government can produce the evidence to support their claim, it would appear as though the United States wouldn't have to lift a finger in order to achieve its goal of "embarrassing" them. It should be quite interesting to see where this story goes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Today's Cartoon: George W. Bush Addresses Nation on 5th Anniversary of 9/11

Alright... so 5 years later and what exactly are "The Lessons of 9/11"?

You know, I wonder how anyone is expected to "learn" anything from the events of September 11th, 2001 when there are STILL so many people (myself included) who are not even sure they understand what actually happened on that day. Oh sure, you could just accept the government's version of events and leave it at that; but what about all the valid questions being raised about 9/11 that continue to (deliberately?) go unanswered by these officials?

The way that I know that these 9/11 "conspiracy theories" are really beginning to gain acceptance among Americans (and Canadians), is the fact that they are starting to receive a lot more attention from the mainstream media. And while the intent of this coverage may an effort to debunk these "theories", bare in mind that during last year's 9/11 anniversary there was barely any mention of even the existence of such arguments.

During President Bush's address last evening, he mentioned the need for Americans to unite and fight against "terrorism", by using 9/11 as his rallying cry (as usual). The problem is that every time he invokes "The Lessons of 9/11", it also raises all the "conspiracy theories" along with it.

It just seems to me that if the President of the United States wants to continue to use 9/11 as justification for his ever expanding global war on "terrorism" and unite Americans to it's cause, his administration is going to have to do a lot more to address "The Questions of 9/11" other than dismissing those who ask them as "conspiracy theorists". I mean, after 5 years what else could they possible have left to hide, except maybe the truth?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Today's Cartoon: LonelyGirl15 and 9/11

While personally I don't find personal video blogs (or "vlogs") to be all that interesting, mainly because most of them are not very compelling or insightful (with the rare exception); the idea of using a vlog as a creative tool to tell a story is a fascinating idea :)

For the last few weeks I had been scratching my head, trying to figure out the sudden success behind one video blog in particular, that of a (supposed) 16 year old girl who goes by the name "Lonelygirl15". Apparently, the Vlog was designed to be the daily video journal of a young girl named "Bree" who (as the story goes) is home schooled, ultra-religious and has a long-standing crush on some boy named "Daniel"; however, when I tried to watch a few of her entries, I found them to be more confusing (and annoying) than interesting. So, I just figured that all of the attention was due basically to the young girl's appearance and left it at that.

Well, as it turns out "Bree" (aka. "LonelyGirl15") is not actually a real person, but rather a "character" out of some Hollywood production. And while to many of her loyal followers, this may be viewed as somewhat of a betrayal; to those who haven't invested a lot of time following this "character's" vlog (thinking it's real), the knowledge that she may be part of an upcoming horror project may spark a lot more interest in these videos, now that people know that they are not a complete waste of time (unless the movie sucks).

While the movies themselves are not all that imaginative anymore, the marketing campaigns behind them seem to be getting better and better, thanks to the endless creative opportunities provided by the internet. It's just too bad that these marketing geniuses can't get their hands on some of the scripts ;)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Democrats Urge ABC to Withdraw Miniseries "Path to 9/11"

The Democrats are upset because it appears that the new ABC miniseries "Path to 9/11" implies that the Clinton Administration was too concerned about the Monica Lewinsky Scandal to pay any attention to the growing threat of terrorism, which eventually took the form of the September 11th attacks.

Personally, I don't really see what the Democrats have to whine about here. After all, wasn't it the Republicans who were making the bigger deal out of the Lewinsky affair because they wanted to get President Clinton impeached?

I think Bill Clinton would have much rather moved on to more important issues (like "terrorism"), if for no other reason than to avoid the humiliation of literally getting caught with his pants down. But unfortunately for him (and as it later turns out, the rest of the United States) the Republican held House of Representatives decided that the issue qualified as an "impeachable offense” and quickly decided to act on it. Eventually the case against President Clinton made it all the way to the Senate, where as a result he was not convicted of any charges nor faced any penalties. The whole affair turned out to be nothing more than a huge waste of time and resources, which in hindsight should have gone towards tracking terrorist activities overseas.

Now I'm not going to say that if President Clinton wasn't impeached the 9/11 attacks wouldn't have happen, but perhaps if he had have "gotten off" sooner then maybe the world wouldn't have ended up in the sticky mess that it finds itself in today ;)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Suri Cruise and the Secret CIA Prisons

They say that the first step towards "recovery" is admitting that you have a problem; and for the Bush, Administration, that problem is the use of secret CIA prisons in foreign countries.

Of course this "realization" didn't come without the help of an "intervention" in the form of a US Supreme court ruling, that "military tribunals" for detainees violated international and US laws, which prompted the US government to transfer prisoners out of its "secret" detention centers and provide them with "Prisoner of War" status.

That being said, the use of these Clandestine Facilities are not without some serious drawbacks for the Bush Administration and it's "War on Terror", which probably made the decision to empty them out not a very difficult one. Perhaps the BIGGEST problem with these secret prisons is not the fact that they're not so "secret" and that they severely damage America's image; nor is it that they operate outside international law. It seems that despite all the efforts the United States made to locate a dark cozy corner in the world for them to "get medieval" on detainees without being disturbed, the "intelligence" that they were receiving in return was probably not the most reliable.

Basically if the CIA works a detainee hard enough, not only will they find out where Osama Bin Laden is, but they'll also learn who shot JFK and discover where Jimmy Hoffa is buried... that is of course, if they don't already know ;)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Mexico Court Rules Felipe Calderon President-Elect

Is it just me, or does it seem like pretty soon ALL "democratic" elections are going to be decided through the courts? Don't get me wrong, I think using judges to determine the outcome of presidential election results is an EXCELLENT way to reduce incidences of "voter fraud". I mean, how can anyone possibly cheat when there are only seven eligible voters, right? ;)

To me, the main benefit to letting only a few judges vote instead of the general population is that it greatly reduces the chances of voter irregularity. You see, judges vote in public, and if any of them were to try to vote using two hands instead of one, I'm fairly certain that someone would notice (after they took the time to do the math). Other than that, "voter irregularity" would simply mean that the judges were eating too much cheese :)

It's amazing to see that in less than 10 years Mexico's fledgling democracy has already caught up to the electoral standard of the United States. Let's just hope that Congressional Elections in November can live up to everyone's expectation and continue this wonderful tradition of using the courts to decide who the public "really" wants ;)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Today's Cartoon: "The Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin 1962 - 2006

As unbelievably sad and tragic as the passing of "The Crocodile Hunter" is, I have to admit that when I first heard about Steve Irwin's fatal encounter with a stingray, my initial thought was that he must have somehow provoked it, much in the same way that he would usually try to get a reaction out of animals, whenever the cameras were turned on.

Short-Tail Stingrays are not an aggressive species and the fact that there have only been TWO recorded fatalities from a stingray in Australian history (including this one), only adds fuel to the speculation that the animal was provoked in order for it to have attacked. Sadly though, there is footage of the incident, which means that the truth will (eventually) be revealed.

Yet regardless if the animal was provoked or startled, the truth of the matter remains that Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin was no more an "expert" on stingrays, than Timothy "Grizzly Man" Treadwell was an "expert" on bears. Ironically, it seems that these so-called "animal experts" are only considered so up until the moment that they tragically let their guards down. After that, they are mournfully remembered only as "animal enthusiasts".

Look, just because someone really loves animals, doesn't necessarily mean that they completely understand them, because sometimes "understanding" and "respecting" an animal can simply mean just leaving it alone.

R.I.P Steve Irwin :(

Monday, September 04, 2006

Today's Cartoon: The Al Qaeda and Kevin Federline Connection

I have absolutely nothing against Islam, or any other "organized religion" for that matter. The way I see it, if it makes someone a better person and a better member of the community, then more power to them.

Though personally, I tend to believe that "atheists" are among the most generous members of society, simply because whenever they decide to do "good deeds" it's because they genuinely want to, rather than out of the expectation that "God" will reward them for their "generosity". That being said, there are plenty of merits to belonging to an organized religion. It provides guidance and structure for those who may not have any in their life. It gives individuals a sense of belonging and acceptance, by becoming a member of a very large group. And it can also help you get a job, that you would not otherwise be qualified to perform ;)

Most organized religions devote a large portion of their time and money towards promoting their faith within their communities; and while over the years, most of us have probably been made quite aware of what our towns and cities have to offer, new technology has helped to create a "global village" and with that opportunities for other religions to compete for patronage of your heathen soul; case in point, Al Qaeda's new video message urging all Americans to convert to Islam.

Now, it seems to me that Al Qaeda recruiting for Islam is a lot like Michael Jackson trying to recruit for the Boy Scouts of America. First of all, it's extremely creepy; and secondly, just because someone claims to REALLY love something, it doesn't mean that they actually know what's best for it, or even how to look after it. Seriously, Al Qaeda trying to convert the United States to Islam would be like George W. Bush trying to baptize Muhammad Ali in a church urinal (minus the Parkinson's).

If the Muslim world truly wants the United States to embrace Islam, then it definitely should not be up to "Al Qaeda" to do the campaigning for them. Personally, I would recommend someone like Yusuf Islam (aka. Cat Stevens) for the job because he's none-threatening, most Americans are already familiar with (and like) him… and if can convert Kevin Federline, hopefully this will mean that he'll retire from performing as well ;)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Iran Ignores United Nations Deadline For Nuclear Program

It's not that I don't believe that Iran is using its nuclear technology to build bombs; I mean, all they have to do is look at North Korea to understand the way in which nuclear weapons are used in order to get "serious talks" with the West. As well, when both of their neighbours have been invaded by the United States (who is now threatening to attack/invade them next) it really wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to find out that Iran was working on a nuclear weapon; to be used as a deterrent for such an invasion.

The problem is that as long as the Bush Administration remains in office, the rest of the world will seem reluctant to act upon (or even believe) what the United States has to say, regardless if it's true or not (remember Iraq?). And while President Bush is quick to call for "consequences" against those who defy the United Nations (when it acts on his behalf), he is just as quick to reject and ignore its condemnation of his own actions (and those of his allies); and as a result, it seems that much of the world would just rather ignore him at this point.

The United States, as it is today, has become a distraction to the rest of the world. While the Bush Administration continues to try and force its Middle East agenda through the United Nation, more countries are trying to act as a counter balance to who they see as the bigger threat to the region. Thus, countries like Iran are able to secretly go about their business because everyone else is too busy concerning themselves with what America is doing (or has already done).

Now, I'm not saying that new leadership in Washington would automatically solve all of the world's problems; but when most of those problems are being viewed as a direct result of the current administration, any sort of significant change can only be viewed as a step in the right direction; even if that "direction" may mean leading the rest of the world into Iran.