Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Thousands Of Bags Go Missing At British Airports

Forget "Snakes on a Plane", if you're flying through Britain you'd be lucky just to get ANYTHING on a plane at the moment.

The thing that I really don't understand about the whole "terror scare" that occurred in Britain last week was why did security officials feel the sudden need to force ALL airline passengers to dispose of ALL liquids or gels that they may have been carrying, when they already knew EXACTLY what they were looking for because they had suspects under surveillance for months.

In fact, it was the United States that had to pressure the U.K. into making the arrests because British officials were still wanting to wait and gather more information/evidence from the "cell", which to me implies that the "threat" must not have been as "immediate" as the countless scenes at airports of passengers disposing of the contents of their carry-on luggage would lead us to believe.

These security measures (whether necessary or not) designed to avert a disaster have in itself become one, because thousands of pieces of luggage which have been held onto since the "terror alert" began are now beginning to disappear from British airports. Now, not every passenger is a suspected "terrorist" with a suitcase full of explosive "Gatorade" to worry about; however, most travelers do carry such items as house keys, car keys, cell phones and passports, which in reality makes THIS the most "immediate threat" facing airline passengers in Britain.


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