Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Saddam Hussein and Kevin Federline Try To Beat A Bad Rap

I don't know about all of you but after watching a clip of Kevin Federline's (aka. Mr. Britney Spears) debut at this year's "Teen Choice Awards", I must admit that despite all of the negative feedback that his performance has received, I for one have become a HUGE fan of this aspiring "talent".

As you can probably tell by reading my daily web comic, I am quite fond of satire; and much in the same way that Stephen Colbert uses satirical parody to poke fun at "personality driven" news programs, it appears to me that "K-Fed" is trying to do the exact same thing, by becoming the "Spinal Tap" of "Gangsta Rap".

However, the problem with "Satire" is that it is not always as easily identifiable as other forms of humour (like say, a kick to the groin). This quite often leads to a lot of confusion from those who are not "in" on the joke. Therefore, in order for Kevin Federline's "work" to truly be appreciated for what it is, people need to embrace his music; not as the obnoxious, self indulgent ramblings of a guy who has a seriously distorted self image, but rather as the obnoxious, self indulgent ramblings of an entire industry that suffers from a seriously distorted self image ;)


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