Monday, August 14, 2006

Today's Cartoon: New Photos Of Fidel Castro Released On 80th Birthday

Well, it's nice to see that freelance photographer Adnan Hajj has been able to find employment so quickly, after being fired from the Reuters News Agency last week for doctoring photos. I guess if the rumours are true, he is just the kind of guy that the Cuba media is looking for right now ;)

The new pictures of Fidel Castro are obviously meant to let the world (and especially the American government and Cuban people) know that the (former) Cuban leader is alive and well, and healthy enough to pose for pictures and talk on the telephone. But here's the thing that I don't get; if Castro is healthy enough to pose for pictures and talk on the telephone, then why not just shoot a video of him instead?

It seems to me that the Cuban media's attempt to convince the world that Fidel Castro is on the mend just serves to raise even more suspicion that his condition is much worse than they are letting on. I guess until he is actually well enough to make a public appearance, a lot of people are simply going to dismiss these photographs (or any others) as being either fakes, or ones that they were taken while Castro was still healthy (with the current newspaper headlines added later, in "Photoshop")

I mean seriously, what kind of dictator doesn't want to wish himself a happy birthday?!... A very sick (or deceased) one, that's who.


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