Thursday, August 03, 2006

Today's Cartoon: New Audio Tapes Reveal Pentagon Mislead 9/11 Commission

While some people may consider the newly released recordings of American Air Defense commanders on 9/11 to contain proof that the military purposefully "mislead" the "9/11 Commission; I do not.

Just like any big budget Hollywood spectacle, these 9/11 outtakes are merely the "deleted scenes" of the Pentagon's "official" narrative, which were omitted from their "testimony" to the "9/11 Commission" for the simple reason that they believed it would create a much better story for history buffs to read. :)

I mean, sitting around wondering if the hijacks were real or just part of the "exercise" that was scheduled for that morning, is not really the kind of pulse pounding opening scene you want to have in your story; because it kind of makes the audience wonder that if they were already prepared for a "simulated" high-jacking scenario to take place, then why couldn't they handle the real thing happening? So I can completely understand why they would want to remove that scene from the story.

Other scenes, like the one involving fighters being scrambled to intercept the "phantom" American Airlines jet, long after it had already hit the first World Trade Center, are more "Keystone Cops" than "Top Gun", which is probably why they were also left on the cutting room floor.

You know, I must admit that I much rather prefer the "official release" to the "extended cut" of the Pentagon's 9/11 story, mainly because all of the extra footage only serves to make them look bad. I mean, even the "conspiracy theories" at least provide the military with the benefit of appearing "competent", albeit in a sinister "evil-genius" sort of way ;)


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