Friday, August 11, 2006

Today's Cartoon: London Heathrow Terror Plot Thwarted

While details remain somewhat sketchy about the alleged "terror plot" that was supposedly foiled by British police, one thing IS certain... that George W. Bush is going to milk this for all it's worth.

Seriously, who would of thought that 5 years after the attacks of "9/11", the President of the United States would be reduced to relying on "Al Qaeda" to help give him a boost in the polls? Perhaps this is why he gave up searching for Osama Bin Laden years ago. So long as he remains "at large", so too can the Bush Administration; and the best part is that after 5 years, President Bush still only needs to memorize just one speech ;)

To me, it seems that the persistent "threat" of terrorism (whether "real" or "imagined") is practically all that the Republican party has left to rely on, in order to "scare" the American public into submission... or in this case, "re-election". While the results of this week's Democratic primary in Connecticut seems to indicate that there is a strong "anti-war" sentiment among Democrats heading into the mid-term elections in November; Republicans remain firmly in support of the war in Iraq by continuing to embrace (or confuse) it as part of the overall "War on Terror".

Well, talk about timing... No sooner is Joe Lieberman's loss being viewed as potential trouble for the Republican Party, (apparently) along comes "Al Qaeda" to scare the American people back in line and provide Republican candidates with "Talking Points" to last them for the rest of the campaign.

You know, it kind of makes me wonder why the Bush Administration keeps re-affirming its commitment to fighting "terrorism", when time and time again it seems that the "terrorists" are just about the ONLY friends they have left. Then again, with enemies like these, who really needs friends anyway? ;)