Monday, August 07, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Lebanon and Hezbollah Reject Draft UN Resolution

You know I can't really fault Lebanon for rejecting the draft UN resolution. Nowadays, with the world the way it's heading, my initial instinct is to also reject anything with the word "draft" in it ;)

Well I guess it's about time the United States finally decided to play along and allow the UN to start addressing the situation (officially). I would say "better late than never"; however, after almost a month of fighting and a draft resolution that doesn't even address the main issues (with the exception of Hezbollah's rockets), the former is making the latter appear to be almost a forgone conclusion.

The way I see it, if prisoners were released by both sides while Israel withdrew from Lebanon and Hezbollah stopped firing its rockets into Israel, there really wouldn't be any IMMEDIATE need for a "buffer zone" between the two countries because there would be a "ceasefire" in effect; during which, negotiations could take place (by both sides) to establish an international presence in the region and convince Hezbollah to give up its weapons.

Unfortunately for Israel, the longer the war is allowed to drag on the more Lebanese people will begin to accept Hezbollah as their nation's army (over Lebanon's actual military), mainly because they are the ones who the people believe are defending them (even if they're not really). Thus, getting Hezbollah to disarm would be on par with something like trying to get the NRA in the United States to disarm.

Trying to enforce a "sustainable peace" through the barrel of a gun is the kind of backwards logic that we've seen fail time and time again in recent years; and yet, like some insane person who does the same thing over and over, expecting different results each time, we are forced to listen to "Rainman" deliver "Who's on first" all over again.

At this rate the United Nations has about the same chance of establishing a ceasefire in Lebanon as Israel does getting Mel Gibson to convert to Judaism and be circumcised by his Rabbi.


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