Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Joe Lieberman Loses Democratic Primary in Connecticut

Probably the only thing that makes Democrats happier than seeing Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman lose the state's primary, is the fact that a "Democrat" actually won an election ;)

Now that former vice-presidential candidate Joe Lieberman has lost his party's nomination for the Senate in the upcoming mid-term elections in November, he has apparently decided to run as an "independent" and basically play the role of "spoiler" for Democratic nominee, Ned Lamont. By continuing to run for the Senate as an independent, it seems to me that Lieberman's only hope now is to score a moral victory for himself against his opponent (and his former party) by trying to split the Democratic vote, so that the Republican candidate Alan Schlesinger can steal... er, I mean "win" the election ;)

In other words, if this is the end of Joe Lieberman's political career, then it appears that he is not going out without a fight and plans on taking down as many Democrats as he can with him.


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