Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Rejects Ceasefire in Lebanon

Apparently in the 20 days since this conflict began, there have been significantly more women and children who have lost their lives than actual armed combatants. If this is not reason enough to call for an "immediate ceasefire", then I guess we might as well just go ahead and eliminate the term altogether.

Look, even if you agree 100% with the Israeli offensive and believe that ALL of the civilian casualties in Lebanon are the direct result of Hezbollah using the Lebanese people as "Human shields"; it is STILL (to my knowledge) a "war crime" to target innocent civilians, especially children.

Besides, it seems to me that the Israeli government is no different than Hezbollah in that it too fights from behind "human shields"; by constantly placing it own citizens in harms way, in such "offensives" as it's on-going oppression of the Palestinians and military campaign against the Lebanese. It's seems like the Israelis are purposefully being made to suffer by their own government in the hopes that any hostilities which are inflicted upon them could then be absorbed and transformed by their leaders into the "political capital" needed to "justify" escalating these "offensives" to whole new level; which in turn, deliberately places even more innocent Israeli citizens at risk, in order to continue fueling the conflict.

The way I see it, an immediate ceasefire would ONLY serve to benefit the civilians in Israel and Lebanon, which is what neither side of the conflict truly wants; because they BOTH believe that they still have SO much to gain from so much loss.


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