Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Israel and Hezbollah Claim Victory After Ceasefire

I really don't see how either side can make the claim that they somehow "won" the war in Lebanon. If anything, I would say that both sides "lost" the conflict; but then to even put it into some sort of "win or lose" framework is misleading, because at NO point during the last month did the situation in Lebanon ever seem "winnable" for either side.

You can't claim "victory" unless you've actually achieved your "objective", which for Israel and Hezbollah was supposedly to gain the release of their prisoners/abductees from the opposing side. Everything else that became an issue (ex. Hezbollah's missile attacks and Israel's occupation of southern Lebanon) did so during the conflict, which means that a ceasefire resolution that only addresses those issues, fails to bring an end to the actual crisis because the main catalyst for the conflict remains unresolved and in full effect.

That being said, it's great to hear that both sides have finally agreed to stop blowing up civilians... if only for a little while. Let's just hope that while Israel and Hezbollah revel in their "victory" over each other, they quickly use up the rest of their ammo shooting celebratory gunfire into the air ;)


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