Monday, August 21, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Irish Company Steorn Claims To Create Free Energy

If Ireland was smart, it would not want to brag about this newly discovered method of producing "free energy" too much. It appears that the United States already doesn't like countries that begin with the letter "I", especially those that are capable of producing their own energy. So, if Ireland doesn't want to be on the receiving end of a "Pre-emptive Liberation", they may want take a page out of Iceland's playbook and play it "cool" :)

Now, I'm no expert in "thermodynamics", but apparently Steorn's concept of harnessing the Earth's magnetic field to create an endless abundance of "free energy" defies the basic Laws of Physics, which states that "you cannot get more energy out than you put in". It also contradicts the 80's glam metal band "Ratt", who claim that "Nobody Rides for Free". For his part, the CEO of "Steorn" Sean McCarthy has issued a challenge to the world's scientific community to examine the technology and prove him wrong. This has lead to more than 400 applications from scientists willing to test it; however, there is still no word if "Ratt" was among the applicants :)

While this idea of perpetual motion being achieved through the use of magnetic fields may stand in stark defiance of what is generally accepted as the basic "Laws of Physics", it may comfort Sean McCarthy to know that while physicists are hard at work trying to prove their theories again his own, there are still plenty of "other theorists" out there who would be more than willing to lend him their support in the case that his theory is disproved. Namely the "Pessimists", who will be positively ecstatic over the validation of their belief that when it comes to "free energy"... "You get what you paid for" ;)


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