Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Iran Calls for Serious Talks Over Nuclear Program

It appears to me that somebody wants to have their "yellow cake", and eat it too. Honestly, who needs nukes, when you've got balls the size of, well... Iran? :)

I guess it should come as no surprise that Iran has refused to suspend its nuclear enrichment program. After all, had they done so, there would have been absolutely no reason for the Security Council to actually go forward with the negotiations, because they would have already achieved their objective. At least this way everyone still has something to talk about ;)

I wonder, at this point is there any country that is not trying to make the most out of the United States weakened standing in the world? While you can make the argument "for" or "against" Iran's right to possess nuclear technology, the fact remains that if the U.S. was not currently bogged down with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and the Bush Administration wasn't SO unpopular throughout the world) the Iranian government would not be as defiant (and outspoken about it) as they appear to be.

So, I guess the thing to do right now for leaders of "developing" nations who wish to appear strong in front of their people (and the world) is to act defiant, by thumbing their nose at America's foreign policy while trying to get as much done as possible... For at least as long as the current Administration remains in the White House.


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