Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Cuban President Fidel Castro Hands Over Power To Brother Raul

There seems to have been a lot of rumors swirling around the internet lately that Fidel Castro has passed away. Even before he ceded power prior to undergoing surgery for intestinal bleeding, there were rumblings that something had happened to the Cuban leader (perhaps they are linked?). Of course, this is from the same source which also brought us such whoppers as "Dick Cheney's Demise" and the "Karl Rove Indictment" ;)

Whether or not the rumors are true, the inevitable passing of Fidel Castro does raise the question of how Cubans are going to react to the news. The one thing we seem to already know for certain is how the Cuban Exiles in Miami will react to the loss of Castro; pretty much the same way they did when the "Heat" won the NBA championship :)

Many of the Cuban living in the United States seem to believe that once Castro is gone, democracy will be able to flourish in their former homeland. As optimistic as that may sound to some, I really don't believe that things would turn out that way. I mean, it's not as though in recent years the United States has actually been a shining symbol of "democracy", which could be used to convince the Cubans to abandon communism.

After all the hardships that Cuba has been forced to suffer through, from US embargoes to the fall of the Soviet Union, Cubans have struggled and survived without the aid of others basically by learning to be more self-reliant. So, once the reign of Fidel Castro does finally come to an end, I really don't think that Cubans are going to be so eager to embrace "Democracy" with open arms... "Firearms", would probably be more accurate.


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