Friday, July 28, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Tour De France Winner Floyd Landis Fails Drug Test

It seems to me that the only way society can clean up professional sports once and for all, is by removing ALL of the incentives to "win". That way the only people who are willing to train and compete are the true athletes, who simply love to play sports. After all, it's really just a "game" anyway.

With all the controversy that surrounded this year's "World Cup" and now the "Tour de France", maybe it's about time they took the "professional" out of professional sports and left it to those who want to compete, instead of just "win".

The way I see it, all championships and world records should be abolished; and all contracts and endorsement deals should be torn up. If fans truly love the sport then they will want to watch it, regardless of who's playing; as well, if athletes truly love the sport then they will want to play it, regardless of the reward$. There is really no point in arguing that the quality of sports in general would suffer due to the loss of its "superstars", because the "world's best" athletes are determined solely by those who are actually willing to compete.

So, I guess what I' m REALLY trying to say here is... Isn't it about time "Special Olympians" started getting endorsement deals?


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