Monday, July 31, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Mel Gibson Delivers Anti-Semitic Acceptance Speech While Getting Arrested

Mel Gibson's recent behavior was bad enough to make even "The Lord Humungus" blush (Hmm... I wonder if he was Jewish). I mean, calling a female police officer "sugar t*ts" is just about as disrespectful as it gets... next to blaming the Jews for ALL the wars in the world, of course. Wow! How ignorant can one man get? EVERYONE knows that "Jews" didn't start all the wars... it was the Israelis ;)

Seriously though; blaming a whole religion based on the actions of a government is like blaming all Christians for the actions of George W. Bush. It is this kind of foolish generalization that TRULY starts all wars, including the huge mess the world finds itself in right now. This is also why there must always be a separation between church and state.

So anyway, in his apology, Mel Gibson announced that he was taking the necessary steps to ensure his "return to health", and while I truly hope he is able to clean himself up (for his family's sake), Detox and Kabbalah classes may not be enough to repair his shattered public image (unless the "public" hates the Jews as much as he does); however, another "Mad Max" movie would definitely be a step in the right direction towards making things right with me ;)

That is of course, if he hasn't lost his driver's license; because "Mad Max" should not be forced to hitchhike or ride the bus because "Mel Gibson" decided to drink and drive.


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