Friday, July 21, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Kofi Annan Calls for End to Hostilities in Lebanon

As world events continue to spiral out of control, it is becoming painfully apparent that the United Nations can ONLY work when ALL 5 permanent members of the Security Council WANT it to work. Otherwise, it's about as useless as a tin of beans without a can opener (mmmm... beans).

Personally, I agree with Kofi Annan's demand for the immediate end to hostilities between Lebanon and Israel. Not just because it would (hopefully) reduce the number of civilian casualties on both sides of the border, but because it would also put an end to Israel's recruitment drive for Hezbollah.

Let's face it, the last 9 days have hardly been a hindrance to the organization; in fact, I would say that Israel's heavy handed response to the abduction of two of its soldiers has played right into the hands of their enemy, by rallying the population of Lebanon (and much of the middle east) behind Hezbollah. As a result of its relentless "reaction" and its refusal to recognize the Lebanese Prime Minister's calls for a "truce" (or the UN's calls for cease-fire), much of the world no longer views Israel as the "victim", but rather as the "instigator" of a much larger conflict.

Perhaps it is part of Israel's strategy to "build up" its enemy, so that it can be brought down easier. By getting the country to support Hezbollah, Israel could intensify its operation against Lebanon while at the same time reduce the number of "civilian casualties" by basically turning the entire population into "enemy combatants".

Look, there is no band-aid solution to the crisis in Middle East (any of them), mainly because in order the treat the wound, you first need to stop the hemorrhaging; and the only way to do that is by getting the UN to apply pressure to it. However, the UN cannot do this when its hands are tied behind its back.


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