Monday, July 17, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Israel Bombs Canadian Tourists in Lebanon

So, I guess by the Israeli government's standards, this would mean that Canada is now at war with Israel, eh? You know, it's a good thing Canada is NOT "Israel" otherwise Israel would be "Lebanon" over this.

Let me get this straight... In an effort to secure the release of two captured soldiers from Hezbollah, the Israeli government decides to throw the mother of all hissy fits against a sovereign nation, which "tourism" is one of its main industries. Not only has this endangered the lives of tens of thousands of tourists and millions of Lebanese civilians, but you'd have to think that it also makes the situation for those two captured Israeli soldiers (remember them?) even worse than it already is.

Meanwhile, world leaders seem to be too timid to ask Israel to stop blowing up their citizens long enough for them to go in and get them out of Lebanon; leaving many of them forced to hitchhike their way to safety, within the "Axis of Evil" instead.

I've got it! Why not just re-enact "Operation Dynamo" and launch around 700 fishing vessels from Cyprus across the Mediterranean, to rescue the trapped tourists from the shores of Lebanon. It worked so well before, why not try it again? You could have Cyprus play the part of England and the tourists could play the role of the trapped British soldiers.

Now... who do we get to play the Germans?


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